At Bernie by Design we offer a comprehensive Repair and Manufacturing service backed by over 40 years experience and attention to detail.  We have a boutique style of operation allowing us to provided a customised service that tailors to your individual needs.

At Bernie by Design we offer:

Remodelling, Repairs, Manufacturing, Retipping, Valuations, Insurance Quotations, General Repairs and CAD Design.

Appointments for consultations at our office in Murrumbeena can generally be scheduled to your convenience.  We also offer a local delivery service.

Don’t wait until you look down to see and empty hole where a stone used to be!


At Bernie by Design we can assess and maintain your Jewellery for you to keep it in good wearable condition and more importantly prevent loss and unnecessary cost.

Want to make your Repair or Manufacturing cheaper?

Items in your Jewellery box that you no longer wear … odd earrings, spare links or pieces you haven’t worn in a while?

At Bernie by Design we can trade-in you old gold to save you $$$